About Us

Emerging Markets

We focus primarily upon businesses operating in the emerging economies including India, China and Eastern Europe, which are embarking on economic development and reform programs, and have begun to open up their markets and "emerge" onto the global scene.

They are all characterised by strong economic growth, which create enormous business development and investment opportunities resulting from burgeoning domestic demand for consumer goods and basic services. India’s GDP for example is forecast to grow by an estimated 8% per annum for the foreseeable future.

Through our local presence and direct experience of investing and operating in these markets we are able to navigate through the many cultural, political and economic challenges faced by potential new investors.

Fast Growing Businesses

We typically work with businesses with turnover ranging from €25M to €250M across a broad range of sectors, although we concentrate upon those fuelled by growing domestic demand such as manufacturing, services, telecommunications, retail and real estate. These businesses frequently struggle to capitalise on economic growth, as they do not have access to finances and expertise routinely available to larger organizations.

With the introduction of sound management and solid governance, these businesses have potentially far greater value creation potential than their Western equivalents.

Raising Finance and Capital

FinKap arranges capital and asset secured lending facilities ranging between €1 Million and €50Million through its established network of international banks, private equity firms, wealthy individuals and specialist asset based lenders

We are able to arrange three principal types of funding:

  • Commercial Asset Finance both traditional and structured asset backed finance across all asset types
  • Venture Finance to support growing and entrepreneurial businesses typically on track for listing on local and international LSE AIM market, New York stock and Frankfurt exchanges
  • Property development and bridging finance