Corporate Advisory

Finkap prides itself on its Corporate Advisory business providing strategic and tactical advice based upon unparalleled execution strategies to companies in a broad range of sectors and markets. Our reputation as an advisor for companies seeking solutions to take their businesses forward is based upon skills and experience gained from advising and acting on highly complex transactions and across global markets with varying regulatory and political complexities.

Our success is based upon understanding the clients position based upon the circumstances of its presence in the market place and giving them highly qualified advice and support to achieve their goals.

Our approach in all situations is to always give first class advice in order to achieve their expectations and reduce risk for their business strategies. We offer structured team support for skill set specialised in the sector and the markets where the client is active, often bringing in external specialists to support the micro and macro approach towards achieving a successful outcome and solution.

Debt & Finance Advisory

Finkap provides independent debt advisory services to companies and to financial and project sponsors looking to access the Leveraged Finance and Project Finance.

Our approach is to work in close partnership with senior management and the Board from an early stage to develop a comprehensive set of potential financing solutions. We then work with you to assess each option and assist senior management to implement the preferred solution.

Finkap creates an advantage for our clients by providing product choice from debt providers or financing structures, enabling the Finkap debt advisory professionals to create optimum solutions to maximize the funding requirement and the consequential benefit to the clients business.

Finkap leverage the experience in the Bond and Private Placement markets in helping clients evaluate, select and optimise bank syndicate structures that ensure our clients' best interests are achieved and that the most effective cost effective yield is acheived. Finkap then work closely in the development of all offering and marketing materials, working alongside our clients to ensure the commercial terms of the transaction are correctly balanced between Issuers' and Investors' interests. In particular, we apply detailed Investor Mapping techniques to ensure that full transparency and control over the sales and syndication process is achieved and that outcomes for our clients are optimised. In the Leveraged Finance markets our experienced advisors work with financial sponsors to help evaluate a range of financing structures and to provide bandwidth, as appropriate, in the negotiation and execution of the resulting financing plans. Finkap’s Project Advisory teams are able to provide competent advice that can coordinate multiple liquidity solutions from multiple channel sources - Banks, ECA's, Multilaterals, Public Bond and Private Placement markets - to structure complex financing solutions and to maximise liquidity and pricing.

Potential issues

Contact us if your business is:

  • Making an acquisition requiring debt finance
  • Refinancing existing facilities
  • In need of additional funding for business strategy / operations
  • Considering entry into a new financing market
  • Experiencing credit rating downgrade
  • Experiencing a period of instability, where covenants or debt service are at risk and renegotiations with current financial stakeholders are necessary

Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer independent advice without bias through genuine experience, sector expertise and sound judgement. Our M&A advisory team collectively provide insightful advice achieving highly competent results in all areas of M&A activity including acquisition advice and sale and disposal advice as well as on-going strategic advice to ensure that owners and managers are best placed to grow their businesses after such events and acquisitions.

Across all types of M&A assignment we pride ourselves on our ability to provide senior corporate financiers who give hands-on advice, supported by a dedicated transaction team of experienced practitioners.

Acquisition Advice

The enhanced risk environment caused by weak economies and turbulent debt markets has made the need for an experienced buy-side adviser more important than ever. We have been very active in successfully providing this advice to corporates and private equity firms throughout the economic downturn. This accumulated wealth of experience and detailed market knowledge makes us the buy-side adviser of choice for clients determined to ensure a successful outcome.

Our specialist Debt Advisory team is a fundamental part of our buy-side advisory offering – being able to raise optimum debt packages in accelerated time scales, without obligation to any one lender is often the deciding factor in processes.

Disposal/Sell Advice

Understanding a business is fundamental to maximising its value at the time of a disposal. Ahead of launching any sales process we ensure we have a detailed and extensive knowledge of the business. We embed ourselves with management teams to work together in crafting the right sale messages for both buyers and potential providers of external finance. Our sector experience and international presence are crucial components of this process.

A successful sale needs at least one, and preferably numerous, enthusiastic buyers with available funds. Our operations throughout Europe, the US, South America and Asia enable us to identify and engage with the best international buyers.

Our creativity, flexibility and independence also enable us to initiate multi-track sale processes that involve advising our client on the best course of action, be it a potential sale, an IPO or a recapitalisation. Our specialised expertise and conclusive solutions cover all potential solutions and outcomes. We apply our experience, sector expertise and sound judgement to give our clients insightful advice that creates a genuine competitive advantage for our clients.

Turnaround & Restructuring

Finkap provide strategic advice and financial restructuring services to companies that are underperforming, in a crisis, or are healthy, but with underperforming divisions. In addition, similar advice is provided to other groups affected by such crisis environment whether they are creditors, investors and other stakeholders, both out-of-court and in-court. We specialize in providing critical, independent advice on complex issues and transformational situations. The group is distinguished by its track record of developing and implementing innovative and expeditious solutions, often driven by fresh capital, that forge consensus among diverse stakeholders and maximize value. Working directly with the company management, we help stabilize financial and operational activity and performance by developing and implementing strategic and comprehensive actions in meeting working capital plans.

We advise in situations where companies need to reconfigure and optimise their capital structure; access alternative sources of finance; address the risk of banking covenants being breached or a payment default or where a company's debt is trading at distressed levels.

We offer companies hands-on advice across all aspects of the financial restructuring process, providing senior management with on-going support so they can focus on maximising the operational performance of their business. We can also identify new sources of capital to support businesses with short-term funding issues when funding from conventional sources is unavailable.

We understand the requirements of creditor groups, including par lenders, secondary market investors, bondholders and distressed investors. We specialise in identifying points of negotiating leverage which enable our clients to optimise the restructuring outcome. We are particularly recognised for our proven ability to negotiate solutions in multiple jurisdictions, supported by our local presence in all major European, Asian and South American markets.

IPO & Listing

Finkap provide independent advice to companies, private equity investors and management teams seeking to list and raise money on stock exchanges throughout World.

Through our international network of offices we can also provide Initial Public Offer (IPO) advice on stock exchanges in Europe, the USA and Asia where we particularly specialise.

As Finkap is an independent adviser, we are able to give our client and its shareholders the confidence that they are always receiving advice that is in their best interests. By guiding clients through the complex IPO process, we ensure they have the best advisory team for the IPO, engaged on the best possible terms. The core of our offering is using the leverage that management and/or private equity investors have in the process to strike highly advantageous terms when they are about to award the broking mandate. This avoids the value leakage that typically happens later during the underwriting negotiation.

IPO Process

Finkap help to manage the IPO and listing process by performing detailed initial strategic review and optimisation of the investment strategy and capital raising exercise.

  • Review and revise business plan and financial projections to ensure they are robust
  • Provide advice on valuation and how it can be maximised
  • Prepare and co-ordinate due diligence information
  • Prepare and revise management presentation
  • Pre-qualify appropriate investors
  • Pre-market select investors
  • Prepare and distribute business plan
  • Obtain access to key financial and strategic investors globally
  • Organise and schedule investor meetings
  • Schedule due diligence sessions
  • Co-ordinate key advisors (legal, accounting etc.)
  • Negotiate terms of investment with lead investors
  • Organise investor syndicate
  • Complete closing and funding mechanic
  • Designing incentive fee structures that result in the broker being truly motivated to outperform across a range of criteria that matter to the company and ensure that incentive fees only get paid if they are deserved;
  • Designing IPO syndicates that achieve the right blend of cost minimisation, efficiency of execution, research coverage and genuine competition amongst the banks;
  • Keeping the broker "honest" throughout the process, monitoring valuation and allocation of shares to minimise their temptation to favour the investing institutions over the corporate client;
  • Minimising the legal exposure of directors and shareholders by negotiating key warranty and indemnity terms.